yoga tenerife nath navas

Nath has always been drawn to extracurricular sports and activities.

It led her to experimenting with multiple disciplines and find her passion for theater, contemporary dance, surfing and climbing. Somewhere down the road, she was introduced to Yoga. It fascinated her deeply from the first moment.
Something about how it changed her mind and attitude captivated her attention, and the adventure begun.

The practice of Hatha Yoga kept her grounded for a long time, and six years later she decided to train to be an instructor.

In Venezuela she grew deeper in her practice and learned how to translate this beautiful practice into teaching. Since then she’s lived a life of service to wonderful stundents and teachers who have come into her life.

̈My intention is that the people who I get to teach, will be able to experience a progressive improvement in their daily practice on the mat and that it will be directly reflected in their lifestyles. When we can analyze how each stimulation we perceive through the senses affects us, we are able to find balance.”

Today Nath lives in a quiet beach on the shore of Tenerife Island. She’s lucky enough to dedicate her life to help people find their path through Yoga and Ayurveda.

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